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(I)GCSE Programme

(International) General Certificate of Secondary Education

In Grades 9 & 10 students follow a programme of (I)GCSE courses.

This two-year programme provides a broad curriculum that is designed to encourage high academic standards and prepare students for the IB Diploma Programme in Grades 11 and 12. There are final examinations at the end of Grade 10 and the external qualifications are recognised by schools, colleges and universities around the world. 

At the International School of Toulouse the following courses are followed as core subjects:

  • English Language

  • French

  • Mathematics

  • Science (Double Award)

  • Literature (English, German or Spanish)


In addition to these core subjects, students usually study four other subjects.

The following courses may be offered as options:

  • Art and Design

  • Business Studies

  • Design Technology

  • Drama

  • Geography

  • German 1st or 2nd Language

  • History

  • ICT

  • Music

  • Science (Triple Award)

  • Spanish 1st or 2nd Language


Further details about the (I)GCSE courses at the International School of Toulouse can be found in the Courses Booklet.

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