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The School is managed by a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, Airbus Mobility SAS. The School is a commercial entity, an SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée) and as such subject to the rules and regulations governing such bodies according to French company law. The title of the company is Airbus Mobility SAS but the company operates under the title of The International School of Toulouse.

Airbus nominates a President to run the company on its behalf; the President is also the Principal of the School. The Airbus Board of Directors comprises three members, all of whom must be employees of Airbus. The Principal reports to the Board but is a non-voting member. The Governors (conseil pédagogique) comprises 6–7 members. They may call upon the expertise of an educational consultant who can give independent advice but acts as a non-voting member at meetings.

The Board acts on behalf of the School’s owner, Airbus Invest, to ensure that the School constantly delivers a high quality educational service as a key factor in facilitating the mobility of the company’s employees, and that it does so within the financial limits applied by Airbus.

Airbus believes that employee mobility is essential to its long term strategic goals. It understands that children’s education is a key factor in the mobility of its employees and has therefore committed funds to ensuring that high quality educational services are available to the children of its employees who are called upon to transfer to Toulouse.

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