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Academic Overview

At the International School of Toulouse we acknowledge the importance of creating a learning environment that allows our students to develop the learning skills and positive personal outlook necessary to be able to become adaptable to face the challenges of a fast-changing world. To support this philosophy, great emphasis is placed on the creation of an ethos where academic success is valued and students learn to enjoy the intellectual challenges of learning.

Our ethos is characterised by a friendly and caring environment where the student is respected as an individual and as a member of the community.

Students are encouraged to become self-disciplined and responsible, to build good relationships and to respect our cultural diversity. Our students also need to become integrated into the culture of their host country and with language being the point of access, tuition in French is based on the needs of the individual, whatever her/his level of ability on arrival at IST. Our programmes of study seek to emphasise the positive in French culture and we use the local environment to promote it.

Academic Overview Chart 2019.png
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