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Recent Activities

Weekly events and celebrations are published in our bulletin #WhatISThebuzz.


Below are some examples of some of our events we have chosen to highlight for our site visitors.

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IST goes to the ISS

Grade 6 & 7 students who successfully completed the ‘Moon Camp’ challenge were invited by the CNES and ESERO to participate in a live connection with Thomas Pesquet abord the International Space Station.

The subject of this connection was space sustainability and the recycling of resources.


ISTA Festival 2023

IST students from Grades 9, 10 & 11 flew to ISTA’s Lisbon festival: The Blood of the City hosted by Carlucci American International School. They worked with professional artists from different countries and were joined by students from other schools in Europe. There were 21 nationalities represented at this inter-arts event and students worked across different art forms: theatre, music, visual arts, and dance. Together they created a live performance based on the work of Portuguese poet Alice Neto De Sousa.


Kindergarten visit Le Village Gaulois

During a school visit to the Village Gaulois the children saw how the Gauls used clay, how they built their houses and how cloth was made. They also found out how the Gauls used leather, metal and wood and learned about cultivating honey.

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We use our senses to explore and learn about the world around us

Sensory play comes naturally to young children and it is an important part of our continuous provision in Early Years.

This half-term we focused on touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight and offered resources, experiences, stories, information books and play provocations that helped the children tune into, use and investigate their senses.

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Grade 4 Biathlon trip to the Plateau de Beille

The Grade 4 students were very lucky to be able take part in this trip before all the snow melted. They started an action-packed day with cross country skiing lessons and learned about this Olympic sport.

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Model United Nations

Grade 5 students’ unit of inquiry looked into governing bodies and how these manage and influence the lives of citizens. 

This unit culminated in a Model United Nations day in which every student became the representative for a specific country. They researched about the country and had to embody the values and beliefs of their new government. The students came to school dressed to impress and spent the day debating various topics and trying to come to agreements.

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