Recent Activities

There are many events and activities going on throughout the School and below you will find a few of the recent highlights.



IST 1999-2019

The IST Community celebrated the school's 20th anniversary with an action packed day. Students of all ages enjoyed a carousel of activities in the morning, took part in a sponsored walk in the afternoon which raised over €1700 for charity, and gathered on the sports pitch for a whole school song and dance.

Former students and staff then joined the whole school community for more fun with games, food, drink and cultural performances.


Fête des Maths

The annual Fêtes des Maths in Beaumont de Lomagne is takes place at the beginning of ‘fêtes de la science’ in the birth place of the revered French mathematician Pierre de Fermat.

The Grade 9 volunteers worked non-stop throughout the day entertaining visitors young and old with the mystery and beauty of mathematics.

An original WW2 Enigma machine comes to IST

Dr James Grime, from Cambridge University, brought the history of the Enigma machine and code breaking to life when spent a day with the secondary school students. After an engaging presentation to the whole school he ran a series of code breaking workshops before giving a further talk to the wider community at the end of the day. At various points throughout the day, crowds gathered around the 83 year old machine that was found in the woods after the war and there was a genuine sense of awe at the engineering brilliance and the stories that went with it about Alan Turing, breaking the code and the birth of the computer.

Testing planes - engineers come to IST


The close relationship between Airbus and IST has provided opportunities for groups of students to visit Airbus and see planes under construction. This time we were lucky to benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of three Airbus engineers who generously offered to spend an afternoon at IST meeting students to give them an insight into the science behind aircraft testing and life as an engineer. The largest exhibit was a model of the A380 ‘Iron bird’. This is a huge machine which takes a full sized airplane through the stresses and strains of its use in service and monitors the wear and tear on each part of the structure. Thousands of sensors are fitted to the plane and the testing takes several years to complete.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

In theory, the car is the star. Fortunately, nobody told the cast and the second secondary production of 2019 was packed with singalong songs, wholesome heroes, vulgar villains and a good measure of extremely hammy comedy.

Over the four nights with alternating casts none of that showed – the orchestra, singing, acting, costumes set and direction were all just right and added up to great entertainment.

The pace never flagged as what started with truancy and a car SOS soon evolved into the adventures of the Potts family as they, and their newly restored flying vehicle, rescued grandpa and freed the hidden children of Vulgaria.

Grade 6 Watersports Trip

The Grade 6 trip to Vieux-Boucau-Les-Bains involved many activities including catamaran, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboard, lifesaving and most importantly, eating ice cream!

To finish the trip, all the students went for a body boarding session in the Atlantic ocean.

Gareth P Jones visits IST


IST welcomed the author Gareth P Jones from the UK. He spent the day with secondary students talking about his writing, leading workshops and playing the ukulele to enhance his songs which are based on his books. 


IB Vernissage

Grade 12 Visual Arts students displayed their work at the annual IB Visual Arts Vernissage. Over the past 2 years they have created pieces that they are very proud of and they were grateful for the opportunity to share their work with the many people who attended. Through the interaction with the audience, they were able to perceive their art in a new light and gained valuable insight on the various ways their pieces are understood by the viewer.

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