Recent Activities

There are many events and activities going on throughout the School and below you will find a few of the recent highlights.

G2 art.png


Aboriginal Art in Grade 2

As part of our Unit of Inquiry ‘How we express ourselves’ Grade 2 students have been looking at different ways of telling stories.

We have been reading stories from different cultures. We looked at the aboriginal culture and inquired into their stories, symbols and art. The children were given the task of designing a piece of art in the aboriginal style using symbols and animals.

The Eco-Warriors STEAM Challenge

The Eco- Warriors prepared a STEAM challenge for the Primary School classes.


Everyone had to design and create their very own Christmas decorations using recycled materials.

Model cells.png

3-D Model Cells

Grade 6 students completed a Biology unit on cells and living things.

They used microscopes to investigate and compare animal and plant cells, learning the functions of the major cell parts.


Scientific knowledge is often based on the formulation of models or hypotheses which require lateral thinking and creativity. For their open-ended task, the students created a 3D model of a plant cell.

PK senses.png


We use our senses to explore and learn about the world around us

Sensory play comes naturally to young children and it is an important part of our continuous provision in Early Years.

This half-term we focused on touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight and offered resources, experiences, stories, information books and play provocations that helped the children tune into, use and investigate their senses.

Prism People.png

Prism People

Grade 8 have been studying 3D shapes, prisms and cylinders and the 2D nets that make those shapes.

There were some outstanding entries in this year’s ‘Prism People’ contest where students have to make ‘People, animals, robots…… ‘ out of only prisms.

Space in K3.png

Space Exploration

In the Kindergarten Saturn class the children began by looking at their own class name and then the rest of the solar system. Before we knew it, we were discussing black holes, supernovas and how rockets work. We touched upon the possibility of life on other planets and what might replace humans after we’d gone the way of the dinosaurs!

The children were inspired to find out more about our world and beyond. They produced some wonderful artwork, stellar patterns, touched upon massive numbers (millions and billions) and engaging stories where they had adventures with aliens on the Moon and other planets. However extraordinary their tales were, the children were often back home by the end of the day, in time for dinner.