Recent Activities

There are many events and activities going on throughout the School and below you will find a few of the recent highlights.



IST goes to the ISS

Grade 6 & 7 students who successfully completed the ‘Moon Camp’ challenge were invited by the CNES and ESERO to participate in a live connection with Thomas Pesquet abord the International Space Station.

The subject of this connection was space sustainability and the recycling of resources.


Grade 8 Tile Challenge

Grade 8 students have been looking at some of the underpinning geometrical constructions in Islamic Tile Design.

This is a fabulously therapeutic, challenging and satisfying activity which is a productive hobby for many people.

Model cells.png


3-D Model Cells

Grade 6 students completed a Biology unit on cells and living things.

They used microscopes to investigate and compare animal and plant cells, learning the functions of the major cell parts.


Scientific knowledge is often based on the formulation of models or hypotheses which require lateral thinking and creativity. For their open-ended task, the students created a 3D model of a plant cell.

PK senses.png


We use our senses to explore and learn about the world around us

Sensory play comes naturally to young children and it is an important part of our continuous provision in Early Years.

This half-term we focused on touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight and offered resources, experiences, stories, information books and play provocations that helped the children tune into, use and investigate their senses.


Arts in Action

In connection with their PYP Unit ‘Arts in Action’, Grade 4 students explored the architecture of the Eiffel Tower.

In their French lessons they looked at the work of French artist Robert Delaunay.

Here you can see some examples of their interpretations of ‘la Demoiselle de Fer’.

Higher Education Day

Grade 11 students have been discovering more about their post-IB options.

Higher Education Day included sessions on ‘how to make the right decision for you’, apprenticeships, studying around the world, gap years & volunteering, as well as encouraging students to start thinking about their transferable skills, showing that they are well-rounded learners in whatever path they choose.

Thanks to SPW Careers for their help with this event.