Design Technology

Students who study Design Technology at IST follow a carefully planned course that gives them access to the widest range of designing and making activities in Europe.  As well as learning essential basic skills, they will use the latest Computer Aided Design software and Computer Aided Manufacturing equipment to design and build the products of their choice.

As students develop and build upon their basic skills and knowledge they produce a series of fully functional products.  The purpose of this process is to enable them to fully appreciate the purpose and applications of technology in the society of today and the future.  In every grade pupils study Electronics, CAD & CAM, Computer Control, Graphics, Product Design and Systems and Control Technology.  Students are offered examination courses at IGCSE and IB Diploma.  Consequently, those students who choose to pursue design or engineering based university courses are well prepared and very successful in gaining places on degree courses.  To become the decision makers and leaders of the future.


The Design Technology and Science Departments both collaborate to provide students with extra opportunities to visit various sites of the AIRBUS Aeronautical and Space Exploration divisions.  This is so that they can see at first hand the actual application of the topics that they study in school.  The Design Technology Department also provides several activities throughout the year when students work together on various problem solving projects to develop the team building skills that are essential skills for the future.

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