English is central to learning at IST. We seek to nurture confident and proficient communicators in spoken and written forms, whether English is the students’ first language or an additional one. 

We prioritise reading, both in class and in the students’ own time. Reading is at the heart of all learning and students are empowered by becoming critical and attentive readers. Through the study of a wide range of texts from literary classics and world literature to contemporary media the students become successful lifelong learners. Students are therefore well prepared for IGCSE and IB Diploma examinations.

Skilled communicators are also fluent and precise writers. Whether we are studying literature, analysing a contentious newspaper column or exploring what makes enjoyable creative writing, we constantly challenge students to write to the highest standards by reflecting on and refining their work.

We place further emphasis on activities that enhance classroom learning. School productions, magazines and creative writing clubs all provide opportunities for students to develop their confidence and creativity outside the classroom.

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