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ICT is crucial in allowing students to inquire about the changing world they are growing up in, and allows them to develop as autonomous critical thinkers, communicators and content creators. It has a major role in supporting their work in other lessons and in their recreation. Everyone studies ICT in their first three years of Secondary, after which they can choose to take IGCSE ICT and IB computer science.


Everyone should know something about how computers and networks work, about how to choose the right tools for the job and how to stay healthy, safe, legal and secure online. Just as important is exposure to a problem-solving, goal-oriented, project-based approach, with skills being taught through teacher or student demonstration, video or written tutorials, worked examples and real-life problems to solve. Research skills are given a high priority, as is an open-minded and international and socially-minded attitude to information that they find.


In the first term of grade 8, for example, students learn to create digital graphics, animation and video: improving and manipulating images, appreciating the consequences of doing this, and blending these images with their existing communication and performance skills.


Computer club runs once a week and gives the students a chance to develop projects deeper, often extending hobbies they do at home. We program Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, code in Python and Java.

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