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The study of a language other than English is a key skill we value at IST. It fosters an appreciation of other cultures, promotes a better understanding of one’s own language and culture, supports learning and improves performance in other content areas. We aim to cultivate in our students the qualities of global citizens who are well-educated and prepared to compete professionally in an increasingly interconnected world.


At IST we value the range of languages spoken by our students at home and recognise that this needs to be taken into account in teaching and learning. We believe that our students should become proficient communicators in more than one language and in a variety of modes of communication. Therefore, French, German and Spanish are taught as first and second languages from Grade 6 up to Grade 12.


Foreign Language course include listening, reading, oral and written tasks based on authentic materials on topics like everyday life, current affairs and culture. First Language learners are familiarised with important literary texts and media in the target language.


We offer a range of cultural events, such as the Journée de la Francophonie, Día de la Hispanidad, La feria de Abril and provide exchange visits with Le Ferradou and Deutsche Schule Toulouse. Regular trips to explore aspects of French daily life are also offered.

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