Visual Arts education at IST plays a fundamental part in developing our students’ capacity for creative thinking.  We aim to provide opportunities for students to explore the creative process whilst learning strategies that can be applied in all areas of their education.


Students wishing to pursue a visual arts career are prepared for their next step through rigorous courses, such as GCSE and IB, whilst all students in art lessons are taught to expand their ability to take risks, plan, design, present, reflect, think conceptually, analyse, research, develop, refine, control materials, be curious, develop persistence, direct their own learning, use divergent thinking to problem solve and make complex connections.


The ultimate goal for our students is for them to function as independent artists, developing their own work, directed and evaluated by themselves.  As such, all we do in the department is designed to build the skills necessary to reach this level.


Classes are enriched with museum visits, opportunities to work with practising artists and opportunities to exhibit their own work at the school and within the wider community.

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