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The Mathematics programme at the IST revolves around three central goals. Firstly, we strive to equip students with the key mathematical skills that help them study other subjects and take their place in society. Secondly, we help students to see how Mathematics is an incredibly powerful tool for understanding the world around us.


As such, students will explore mathematics in a variety of real world contexts. Thirdly, we study pure mathematics in the pursuit of beauty, elegance and understanding. Exploring the nature of mathematics, the patterns and structures, teaches us to think in new ways. These critical thinking skills are transferable and help us become better at enquiry and discovery.

In pursuit of these goals, students will experience a broad range of approaches with a strong emphasis on enquiry and conceptual understanding. In many cases this will take advantage of the power of technology to help teaching and learning.

We encourage and support students with recreational Mathematics throughout their time here, recognising the value and pleasure to be gained. Students regularly participate in International competitions both here and in other schools and extra-curricular support is available for all needs.

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