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Physical Education

Physical Education plays an important role in the curriculum at IST. We develop students’ knowledge, skills and both physical and personal confidence through a wide range of activities.  We also foster an understanding of the health and well-being benefits that can be gained from an active lifestyle.

To encourage the widest possible participation, we teach individual activities as well as a range of team sports such as badminton, dance, athletics, football, rugby and basketball. We also give students the opportunity to experience outdoor and adventure activities in the hope that everybody will find at least one form of exercise that they enjoy and will continue with.

We emphasise the importance of safety in sport and ensure that the correct equipment is used in an appropriate environment. Most activities are taught in mixed groups but boys and girls are separated for some sports, for example, rugby. Students learn the techniques, rules and correct terminology for each sport and many lessons are taught in French to facilitate integration into local clubs and teams.

Ties with our host community are further reinforced through joint activities and competitions with other local schools.

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