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Theatre is an established and flourishing subject at IST. We seek to empower students to better understand themselves and the world around them. Theatre is understood to be a vital vehicle for personal growth and transformation and also a tremendously rich, ancient art form with established traditions across the globe.


We encourage students to work in a multitude of roles and thus to develop many important transferrable life skills. Whether performing, directing, designing or spectating, students are encouraged to be collaborative, reflective and confident risk takers. Through exploring a wide range of theatrical practices from around the world, students are supported in their creative endeavours and helped to find their authentic voice.


Many opportunities are offered students outside lessons to further develop their skills and share their achievements. We are a committed and enthusiastic member of the International School Theatre Association (ISTA) and annually take students to events to work alongside artists and other young people from around the globe: this broadens horizons and develops international mindedness. Hosting visiting artists and performers, staging student showcases, running extra rehearsals, participating in local Improvisation festivals and liaising with partner schools to run creative arts days provide students with a wealth of meaningful drama experiences.

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