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DST's 50th Anniversary: A Community Celebration with Eurocampus Collaboration and Festival International in Sight

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The Principal’s corner

Community spirit!

Happy birthday DST! This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of Deutsche Schule Toulouse! We all join in to wish our German friends a wonderful weekend packed with celebrations on this significant milestone. 

This naturally leads me to remind us all of our Eurocampus identity where IST and DST are based. We come together and connect throughout a number of projects, events, shared facilities and services. Weekly meetings with my counterparts from DST are also opportunities to brainstorm ideas for future opportunities to enhance our offerings on our beautiful campus. A recent example of this is how US Pibrac will start using our field to hold football training sessions on Fridays and Saturdays. Our aim at Eurocampus is to connect with our local community, share, collaborate and grow! We also celebrate collaboration opportunities with friends and colleagues from English 31 with whom we have an ongoing history of collaborating on a number of learning initiatives for our students, drama events amongst many others. Watch this space for future announcements!

In line with this is our upcoming Festival International (IST International Day) on October 13th; I know I have mentioned it previously, but it will be another wonderful occasion to get everyone together. More information can be found here. Don’t forget to also support our students' fundraising event for Morocco (EFA) next Tuesday (link here). Have a wonderful weekend,

Rachel Leonard

IST Principal


The Primary corner

Community Core Values!

The week started with some curious parents taking part in an interactive information session about the Primary Years Programme. Hopefully, the participants left the session with a greater understanding of IST’s approach to teaching and learning. We will run more sessions with different foci over the coming year and try to offer them at different  times to maximise attendance. A PDF of the presentation can be accessed via this link.

We waved goodbye to Grade 5 on Tuesday as they set off for a 4 day residential by the sea. They will have shown resilience as they surfed the waves and supported each other whilst away from home. We look forward to hearing all about their adventures.

The classrooms are displaying the creative inquiry that is going on. This ranges from G2s Dot Day paintings to Kindergarten gathering data about who lives in their homes.

Alison Pattinson

Head of Primary


The Secondary corner

Teams and trips!

This week we have been busy at lunchtimes with our own IST Touch Rugby World Cup! Organised by G12 students, assisted by Mr Perez, the competition is aimed at all grades and it has been great to see the younger grades run rings around some of the older ones. All the IST teams have actual Rugby team names ( France, New-Zealand, Japan…) so this is a great way for us to mark the real Rugby World cup, taking place in France at the moment, and raise some money for UNICEF! Well done the G12 students and Mr Perez!

We have also had two trips go out this week, both organised by our French department. Grade 6 went to Cap el Campestre to learn all about traditional methods of growing grapes in France and producing grape juice - which was delicious by all accounts! Whereas Grade 8 went to meet students at another local French school, Le Ferradou. They will be developing contacts with their French school peers and using their language skills to strike up what we hope will be lasting friendships. Click here for Ambrine’s account of the day at Cap el Campestre.  Un grand merci au Département de français! 

Nick Fretwell

Head of Secondary


#whatISThebuzz @IST next week? 

Next Week

Tuesday 3 October

EFA Sponsored sleepover at school - please sponsor them (info here)!

For your diaries - save the date!

Friday 13 October

Festival International (International Day)

WE NEED YOU! - please let us know how you can take part and save the date!

We are looking forward to welcoming the whole community on to our site to get together with friends, new and old, and celebrate the diversity of our community! With food, stalls and entertainment from all over the world it should be great fun! See all the details here, where there is also a sign-up sheet, and a call for help! Do please put the date in your calendar!

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