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IST's Season of Giving: Supporting the Bandari Project, Olympe de Gouges Women's Refuge, and Winter Wonderland




The Principal’s corner

Getting ready for the ‘Season of Giving’

Woordle on multiple reasons of giving
Charitable, Generosity, Charity

As we are entering the season of giving and celebrating this in a number of countries and cultures, we are being intentional in taking a moment to pause and reflect on what giving means, and how we can do so meaningfully.

We started exploring this last week with a number of initiatives, and continue this week asking for your support of a number of causes / initiatives dear to our hearts: 

  • the Bandari Project: after a successful campaign to raise funds for the Bandari

flyer on PYP principles
Help, Hope, Give, Share, Care
  • project and Gecko on the Move last year, we are back with even bigger goals. This year 13 students and 3 teachers will travel to Bandari school in February to volunteer and return with experiences and stories. As last year, we would like to deliver funds and resources to the school. All money raised will go to the charity. Here’s how you can contribute.

  • Olympe de Gouges Women’s Refuge: some of our Grade 11 students are organising a collection (shoe box appeal) consisting of wrapping up shoeboxes filled with non-perishable items, little gifts and general small sanitary products, all of which the refuge will greatly appreciate. Click here to find out more on how you can contribute.

  • Winter Wonderland: our community get-together on December 1st is an

  • opportunity to give time, ideas and cheers to this special event organised by Friends of IST. Take a look at this to see how you can support the organisation of the event, and join in on the night.

The last couple of days have seen our students and staff working on their best smiles for our school photos. It was lovely to see everyone get so excited about making memories. Our photographer, who works with many schools in the region, was taken by how amazing our students are. They were awesome at getting ready, striking their best pose and complying with directions so well. Bravo à tous! 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Rachel Leonard, IST Principal


The Primary corner


The festivities around the world continue with the celebration of  “Thanksgiving” on the 23rd November (US). If you feel in the mood for giving, you will have received a communication via email and the class delegates requesting donations next Wednesday. This is  linked to Mismatch Day and the Winter Wonderland (click here for info)

Students' mindmap

Whilst considering their sense of well being G3 recognised that being thankful for what we have, rather than focusing upon what we don’t have, impacts upon our sense of happiness. They also identified things we should be thankful for but sometimes take for granted. 

During our assembly this week, we consider how we usually  show gratitude towards kindness and that actually thanking someone is an act of kindness.

G3 set the other classes a challenge linked to random acts of kindness and this could be something you could adapt and do at home too. Please make a copy before changing the text.

Sunset above INTST playground

This week, I am personally grateful for the changing seasons. 

Alison Pattinson

Head of Primary


The Secondary corner

UNICEF and the James Rao Live Your Dream Foundation!

This week has seen the start of our UNICEF football tournament. We have teams from all the grades competing and are really pleased to welcome teams from our friends at DST too! So far the matches have been intense and exciting, and played with a commitment both to the competitive side of the game and to the positive sporting  values of football of respect and fairness  that we are pleased to see and encourage. So far it has been wonderful to see both the players and the supporters of all the IST and DST teams really enjoying a  great moment of sport in support of UNICEF.

We were also joined this week by one of last year’s IBDP graduates, Alicia, who has now begun her university level studies and came back to us to tell us about her adventures in Ecuador. Last year Alicia secured funding for her project through the James Rao Live Your Dream Foundation following an excellent application and  interview. She spent her time in Ecuador working for a charitable organisation in schools teaching English as well as discovering this amazing country and its culture, where you can stand in both the northern and the southern hemisphere at the same time. She made lots of new friends, also befriended some Llamas and Alpacas (who apparently love bananas and being in selfies!), and tried some interesting new foods. Thank you and well done Alicia!

Nick Fretwell

Head of Secondary 


@IST next week? 

Next Week

Monday 20th November

Grade 7 - La Bulle Carrée Improvisation workshop and performances

Wednesday 22nd November 

Grade 6 Parent & Teacher Meetings

Wednesday 22nd November 

IB Music Concert - details below:

For my final IB Higher Level music project, I will be hosting an early evening concert featuring the G12 band ‘The Monkeys’. We will be performing a set of songs of various genres from Funk and R&B, to jazz and salsa music!

The concert will take place on Wednesday 22nd November in the Gallery Space next to the Auditorium, will start at 18:00 for around 45 minutes. 

The WaterAid team will be at the concert to provide refreshments and snacks.

Please keep in mind that the performance space is quite small and cosy so numbers will be limited to 70.

If you would like to attend the concert, please fill in the concert sign up form.

See you all there on Wednesday!! 😊

Arnaud Devaux

Save the date

Friday 1st December

Winter Wonderland (after school 4.30 - 6.30)

Festive and fun stalls run by Friends of IST


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