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Shining Stars: Celebrating Student Achievements in the Principal's Corner

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The Principal’s corner

Shining stars: our students!

We had an exciting time this week engaging various panels of colleagues and students in the interview process for our next Wellbeing Counsellor. The student panel was made of 4 primary students from Grade 2 to 5, and 4 secondary students. They prepared and organised their questions, the older students guiding the younger ones; they prompted the candidates, asked follow up questions, clarified when unclear; they fed back what they thought the candidates’ strengths were and how they might support our mission and values.  A new experience for them that will have brought many new skills. Overall, they were very impressive and I was immensely proud of how beautiful they represented our students and community!

The many concerts that took place in and out of school this week with our primary students and choristers were another opportunity for them to shine. You could see the pride and excitement on their faces as they performed. The beautiful songs, dance routines, poetry sharing, musical interludes, soloist pieces and even gymnastics group work they had been rehearsing for some time now were beautifully executed. Goosebumps guaranteed for Mrs Leonard :)

Lastly, a big SHOUTOUT to all of our students who have been supporting so many causes dear to our heart at IST over the last few weeks; a special focus on our 13 students going to Tanzania and who have been busy starting their Bandari Project - Gecko on the Move fundraising week. Lots going on, do support them!

Congratulations to all of our shining stars across the school. Thank you for making our days shinier with all your amazing and unique talents, and enthusiastic positive contributions.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Rachel Leonard, 

IST Principal


The Primary corner

Community spirit!

This week Primary has been involved in a  lot of collaboration both within and beyond our school community.  

We have seen Primary Student Council representatives engaging with Secondary Student Council students, the choir performed at Pibrac church, Grade 1  welcomed Saint Nicolas in an assembly alongside  DST students and we invited the parent community, G1-5,  into  school for end of semester performances. 

Grade 5 also visited Pibrac Mairie to find out about local Government structures. 

We are sharing with you the 1st edition of IST Primary Newspaper. This was an initiative started by Sophie Solomons-Ross in Grade 5. 

We hope you, our community of readers, enjoy the articles and stories.

Alison Pattinson

Head of Primary


The Secondary corner 

Drag racing, Bandari, ISTA Madrid and French exchanges!

Congratulations to Marcos A, Marcos V, Eduardo and Joris this week for their victory in the drag racing competition! It was a great competition with thrills and spills all round and as many winners as there were accidents and crashes! Here’s a brief report courtesy of Mr ‘The’ King himself: “The race event proved to be as exciting and competitive as expected.  The cars were faster than ever this year, which meant some very close racing and a lot of spectacular crashes.  By the end of the main racing session, two teams were tied for first place so they had a “best of three race off”.  Breaking Black won the first race, Topfuel Dragsters the second.  For the last race off, both teams needed time to repair but Topfuel were racing against time to get their car ready.  In a true sporting gesture, Breaking Black gave their opponents more time to prepare their car for the deciding race. In the end Breaking Black came out as worthy winners.

Fundraising and aid collections for our participation in the Bandari project  began in earnest this week with an assembly announcement from the students involved. Please remember to drop things off in the collection boxes (shoes, socks, pens and games) and support the various other fundraising activities being  organised. This is a wonderful project for our students to support and we hope this will be a long term link for our school. 

Our upper school Theatre students came back this week after a fabulous time at the ISTA festival in Madrid. They all had some fantastic experiences and have come back  with some great memories. Here is an article about the experience by Lucy in G12.  

Finally, Grade 6 and Grade 8 began their penpal exchanges this week with a school in Switzerland for G6 and our local friends at Le Ferradou for G8. Please see here for an article by Mr Cavalli. 

Nick Fretwell

Head of Secondary 


#whatISThebuzz @IST next week? 

Next Week

Monday 11th December - Friday 15th December

Bandari Project  - Gecko on the Move week.

A week of events and fundraising 

Monday 11th December

18h-20h Violin Concert

Tuesday 12th December

G12 French B SL/HL mock orals 

Wednesday 13th December

Secondary Dress-up in Tanzanian flag colours for Bandari and Gecko on the Move

Thursday 14th December

16h15-17h15 Bandari Gecko on the Move Parent Meeting


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